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Why Strategy Must Come First

Picture this, you’ve started an Instagram page for your business. You’ve read up on how to create a community and generate those precious followers and likes. All you need to do is post at least once a day and they’ll come, right? As the saying goes, “If you build it, they will come.” While this is somewhat true, you can not build something great without a plan or a blueprint. You wouldn’t start outbound calling every person in the world, hoping they will buy your product or service right? The same goes for your social media marketing. You can’t start posting on Instagram or Facebook and hope to gain anything, without a detailed and goal-oriented plan. Defining your goals and audience is of the utmost importance. So too is establishing a robust social media marketing strategy.

Your social media strategy allows you to improve the presence of your business on different platforms and not let it drift into the never-ending black hole of forgotten social media accounts. To grow your social media, one of your main goals should be to gain likes and followers to garner a new source of sales leads. You should have well-defined goals, the target audience must be identified, tactics to be employed must be implemented and the right amount of time should be invested and a proficient workforce should be employed to perform the tasks. Don’t expect your Sales Manager to establish your brand on social media and post something every day just for the sake of being “active”. You must find someone or outsourcing candidate, who understands the goals of social media marketing and has the right strategy to get there, tailored to you.

Before you begin your social media journey, for your business you need to first understand what purpose you are using social media for. Who is the target audience for your business? Knowing who is most likely to engage with your content, which platform is best for you (link to different blog)? This is the base of your strategy and will then allow you to establish a solid foundation for your social media strategy. Not all platforms are the same, and your strategy will differ based on which platform you choose to spend the most amount of time on. Define your strategy and be on your way to establishing a strong social media presence for your business goals.

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