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Why are you Designing Trees?

Design Tri? What are you designing trees for? That is the most common question I get when I tell them about Design Tri.

So what is Design Tri? Well, it is a Marketing company my friend Saul started roughly a year and a half ago. I inquired about becoming a business partner with him in August 2020, after we both discovered we desire the same things. And that was to help small businesses, within the Waterloo Region, get through one of the toughest situations they may ever have to face. We offer small businesses or entrepreneurs the opportunity to take their marketing to the next level. They have enough to worry about with the everyday running of their businesses, we can take care of their marketing efforts for them. What does this entail? We offer solutions directed to website design and development, content generation, marketing collateral, etc.

We don’t want to add more to their plates, we want to take more off their plate and help them transform their businesses to the digital world as lockdowns and shutdowns sweep the region.


This side business of ours, started because we have a genuine passion and interest in helping the small business owners of the region. The devastating effects of COVID-19 have rocked the small business world and we didn’t want to continue to see arguably the most important businesses close down. This concern and genuine passion turned into a great hobby for us, that has provided us with the greatest appreciation for what small business owners have to go through just to provide for their families.

When you contact Design Tri, we overlook nothing, scheduling multiple meetings in order to completely understand you, your business, and everything that makes your business unique to the Waterloo Region. With the shift to all things digital, small business owners were left scrambling to ensure their online storefront was fit to continue doing business. That is where we come in. We will do a free consultation of your website and your online presence and put together a strong plan, capturing your brand, your voice and project it out to the Waterloo Region. We will even come to your place of business (with restrictions in mind) to take professional photos of your masterpiece, your work, and even staff photos.

Design Tri started as a side project but has quickly become an absolute passion for Saul and me. We are forever grateful to have the opportunity to work with the amazing small business owners, in the Waterloo Region and will continue to offer our services for any in need.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to either of us or please share this post and our website with any small business owners who are looking for help in the overwhelming digital world. Let’s get through this together.


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