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What does your branding say about you?

It does not matter how hard or how well you can do the work, the fact of the matter is that if you are not the first company that comes to mind for customers, you will not achieve your business goals to the extent you would like to. Creating a strong brand encompasses people's viewpoint of a company’s customer service, reputation, advertising, and logo.

In order to create recognition, think of a Pepsi or Coke logo. There is no mistaking those logos and the brand associated with them. Now, a small business is not going to be at that level but you can still create a logo that speaks to your audience, giving a memorable and the desired impression of your company. Feel free to reach out to the professionals on this, they can capture exactly what you are looking for, and when you see the right logo, you’ll definitely know.

Companies constantly talk about building that trust through advertising and the quality of work. Having a strong, understandable brand you are able to create trust, co-existing with your advertising. Don’t deviate from your brand, sticking to what got you there and what you truly believe in, this helps in creating that professional image enhancing the customer trust. Alongside that, now that you have your strong brand and direction, your advertising can now follow a theme. Your advertising should be able to speak to your brand and not confuse the audience.

Now speaking of building a strong brand, don’t be shy in changing it up once in a while, testing the waters. A prime example of this is when we look at IHOP. There is no mistaking that infamous name IHOP and what they’re known for (International House Of Pancakes). But in the summer of 2018, the company teased their following, by saying they were going to change their name to “IHOb”, hoping this would help sell their new line of burgers. This play on their own brand was completely a publicity stunt and to generate the necessary buzz on social media. IHOP has been selling burgers in their diner for years, however, they wanted their customers to think about trying their burgers and to increase their declining foot traffic. With the stunt in place, they were successful by selling four times more burgers following the campaign. There are many examples of this giant leap in branding (check out a Dominos campaign from 2010). The main point here is while creating and sticking to your brand and what is known, don’t be afraid to shake things up sometimes and see how your audience reacts.

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