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Shortening Links = Increased Engagement

Social media marketing encompasses connecting, engaging, establishing the look, and feel of your brand. In order to garner the most traffic to your post, not only do you need great content but the flow and how user-friendly the post is, is just as important. If you have your own social media account, you must be like the millions of others who hate and disgust those long unwanted links in a post. Here’s a link to purchase our product but first let me ruin the whole aesthetic of my post. For those scrolling through their timelines, this can deter them from scrolling back to look at your post.

To combat this issue, use a third-party link shortener such as Bitly or MyLnk, which is a URL management platform that allows you to customize your link with your brand. Now that you have your shortened pretty link, you can’t forget the tracking! You need to have the ability to measure the number of followers, the popularity of the post, and the extent to influence to gain data. This can easily be done by incorporating UTM codes. These wonderful codes are embedded into your link and provide everything you need to track that link. To become really detailed, try creating a unique link with different UTM codes for each platform you use that link. This way in your Google Analytics, you can see where those users are coming from. Did they click the link in your bio? Did they come from your display ad? Tracking and analytics is easily the best thing you can implement today, into your overall marketing strategy.

Longer URLs are eyesores and an absolute hassle for social media marketing. It takes a lot of space in emails or in the actual copy of the post. Don’t waste your absolutely gorgeous looking post with one simple long URL. There is no excuse for marketers today, with the number of URL shortening tools out there. Make sure you are shortening those URLs, they only help to elevate your brands’ look and feel.

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