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Micro-Moments. WHAT ARE THOSE??

Consumer behavior is changing each and every day. With mobile becoming a massive part of our daily lives, the way in which we consume media is changing. Before the age of smartphones, our daily online sessions were predictable and set. Now, there are hundreds of moments every day when we consume media - checking our phone for the time, texting, or simply chatting with friends on social media.

Going beyond those moments, there are moments that marketers need to be aware of. These are called the I want-to-know moments, I want-to-go moments, I want-to-do moments, and I want-to-buy moments. These are the micro-moments and they can be game-changers for consumers and your brand. Micro-moments happen when someone instinctively turns to their device to act on something. This can include to learn something, buy something, watch something, or buy something. During these moments, the intent of the consumer is rich and the preferences for what they want are shaped. Smartphones have transformed us into the expectation that brands deliver exactly what we want when we look at our phones. Consumers want something now and they want it right away, without waiting.

Brands must take advantage of this intent and create mobile-friendly content that is helpful, relevant, and accessible in that micro-moment (when the consumer wants it). We are taught to understand the consumer by looking at the demographics, but what if we step a little away from that, to understanding their lives. There is a massive opportunity to adopt a mobile-first mindset and transform the big ideas for the small screen. Start with your customer’s intent and develop relevant content surrounding, I want-to-know, I want-to-go, I want-to-do, and I want-to-buy.

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