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3 Tips to grow your business

1. Relationship Building

Growing and deepening relationships with your customers takes effort and needs to be genuine.

Simple yet effective, this alone will help keep your customers coming back to your business. Running a business is no simple task and we understand that you need to be a jack of all trades but maintaining a fluid relationship with your customers will really pay you dividends.

Depending on the type of business, you may or may not keep logs of who your clients are. If you don’t, this may be something to look into.

If you currently collect your customers information but don’t use it appropriately, you may as well not keep it in the first place.

As mentioned, all your actions need to be genuine and your customers need to feel it. Something as simple as sending a birthday card or holiday greeting goes a long way.

Imagine you're a customer that walks into clothing store A and then you walk into store B. You buy an article of clothing at both, but A decides to ask for your email and through the email they acquire your birthday. B does nothing. Store A sends you an electronic birthday card with a monetary incentive so you can spoil yourself on your birthday.

Out of the two stores, which do you think will get you through the door again? Out of both which are you likely to talk about with your friends?

If you're thoughtful with your clients, they will remember you and they will happily return and recommend you. Win win situation and free marketing.

2. Plan your posts

If running a business isn’t stressful enough, now you have to worry about what to post on social media!

Its no secret that social media has become a powerful outlet for entrepreneurs to showcase their latest and greatest. In fact in some cases social media has become the main focus of the marketing plan.

Planning out a month in advance is no easy task, let alone plan for a whole year.

If you can spend a couple of hours strategically planning for the month, your content will have more value than random posts. Plan ahead and be actively looking for new and exciting things to share with your customers.

3. The Hashtag Hub

The platforms that we use offer us a lot of really interesting content. Some content is better than others and some more relevant.

In a sea of content, it’s easy to get lost and not find what you're looking for. What is one thing that all customers look for when going online? You guessed it, convenience and ease of use.

Hashtags provide just that.

Using relevant and creative hashtags will give your potential customers the opportunity to find you quicker. You may sit there and wonder whether hashtags are really that important.

To answer just how important they are, take a look at the social media giants. Instagram specifically. They’ve made a search bar for hashtags only! That’s when you know they’re a big deal.

That being said, make sure your choice of hashtags are a wise choice. Don’t hashtag #puppies when your page is about furniture. That’s called a #fail

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