Why Design Tri? We utilize every new and innovative strategy to achieve targets. Our team is composed of forward thinkers who challenge old and tired marketing methods to bring new and engaging strategies. Trust and relationship building is the foundation on how we operate.

When should I look for some outside help? Running a business is one stressful and challenging ride, yet very rewarding if done right. Entrepreneurs first journey begins with solo tasks that include planning, creating, hiring and executing. As you grow, so do the tasks that eat up much of your time. Before you get overwhelmed with the stress of being at 100 places at once, consider getting extra help from the outside.

Am I locked in a contract? We have 3, 6 and 12 month contracts. To ensure best results we'll need time to grow and develop the right content for your business. In our consultation, we'll go over your goals and decide which option works best for you. Don't be afraid of commitment, we're flexible.

I need more than one service, is that possible? We understand that marketing entails quite a few different jobs all working cohesively to get the best results. While we can offer one service, using our team on all or some jobs gives us the opportunity

How quick can Design Tri start on my projects? Depending on the season and our current work load, we can begin working on your projects within 2 days of our original agreement date. The nature and complexity of the project will also dictate the start date.

Can I use Design-Tri for one time projects? Although we offer full time services that can be customized month to month, we love to do one off projects. Just ask, we're flexible