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This year you will reach a new level of success no matter what gets in your way. 2020 was a test and 2021 is the result. Your ability to adapt and grow in the toughest of times will set you apart from the rest.

"Fall seven times, stand up eight" - Japanese Proverb


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Website Design

Our world has led us into a digital age where survival has directed us to adapt, evolve and bring our businesses to the web and all of its platforms.


Our dedicated team of innovators have learned to grow and adapt to the changing tides. Online marketing is a service that never stays still and part of our business module is to stay current with whats trending and what gets results. Our firm guarantees to work closely with you on your projects and ensure your vision and goals are perfectly planned for and executed.

Design Tri's unique business platform allows us to cater to businesses around the globe big and small. 

Blogger's Desk

Web Design & Development

Need help with a new site or need a refresh? We got you covered.

Social network concept

Social Media Management

Need more content and a planning strategy? You've come to the right place!


Search Engine Optimization

In a sea of businesses, you need to get found and we know exactly how to do it! 

Legal Research and Writing

Other  Great


We are a versatile group with logo design, business card print and much more to offer!


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Why Design Tri? We utilize every new and innovative strategy to achieve targets. Our team is composed of forward thinkers who challenge old and tired marketing methods to bring new and engaging strategies. Trust and relationship building is the foundation on how we operate.

When should I look for some outside help? Running a business is one stressful and challenging ride, yet very rewarding if done right. Entrepreneurs first journey begins with solo tasks that include planning, creating, hiring and executing. As you grow, so do the tasks that eat up much of your time. Before you get overwhelmed with the stress of being at 100 places at once, consider getting extra help from the outside.

Am I locked in a contract? We have 3, 6 and 12 month contracts. To ensure best results we'll need time to grow and develop the right content for your business. In our consultation, we'll go over your goals and decide which option works best for you. Don't be afraid of commitment, we're flexible.

I need more than one service, is that possible? We understand that marketing entails quite a few different jobs all working cohesively to get the best results. While we can offer one service, using our team on all or some jobs gives us the opportunity

How quick can Design Tri start on my projects? Depending on the season and our current work load, we can begin working on your projects within 2 days of our original agreement date. The nature and complexity of the project will also dictate the start date.

Can I use Design-Tri for one time projects? Although we offer full time services that can be customized month to month, we love to do one off projects. Just ask, we're flexible


04 the team

Our team of dedicated and passionate creatives have joined to create proven strategies that maximize the return on investments. We perform a lot of the work in house, but there are times when we will use our third party partners to get the job done. 




Saul carries a passion for driving results in the digital space. His key focus embodies a unique approach to generating new leads and increasing sales traffic. Saul's professional experience includes finance with Canadian banks (i.e., Scotiabank and TD Canada Trust), along with sales and management in the auto industry. His experience has taught him the critical relationship between successful marketing strategies and its ability to attract new and loyal customers. Customer experience, loyalty and continuous referrals are at the forefront of the final product.

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Marketing Vice President

Colin is an experienced marketing professional who has worked in B2B and B2C marketing. Driven by passion and curiosity, he takes pride in providing the best quality of work possible for you. As a marketing professional his goals include strong communication with all clients and providing results, tailored to your business goals. In addition to his primary job functions, Colin has experience in content creation, digital marketing, brand development, social media and copy writing.



Content Creator

Vanessa is a Conestoga College graduate with an Office Administrative Assistant certificate and a project management certificate. With 5+ years in customer service and retail experience, Vanessa has exceled in content creation and website management, working alongside some great teams. Vanessa values establishing great relationships with customers and truly finding out their needs. She has developed a passion for creating good content that targets various demographics and is excited to have the opportunity to create content for our different clientele.

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Team Business Development

With over 20+ years of experience in the customer service industry, Candace has an attention for detail in everything she does. This has led to her success in each of her past roles and will be a great asset for Design Tri clients. When Candace is not hard at work, providing excellence in customer service, she enjoys reading new books and is always looking for the next thing to learn and add to her growing list of skills


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